Disney Rides (2M, 2F)
Dir. John Michael Diresta – Drama League – 2016
Two lovers retell the harrowing journey of the Maelstrom riverboat attraction in the Norway pavilion at EPCOT. At some point the play becomes about HIV, revealing the chore of nostalgia as we swipe new realities underneath the rug.

Daddykins (3M, 1F)
Dir. Ricky J. Martinez – Artistic Vibes Miami – 2015
Dir. Daniel Winerman – Tisch School of the Arts – 2012, 2013
A hotshot kid unable to communicate with his old-school daddy replaces his father figure with a dentist into leather.

Miami Is Sinking / Pastelito Guerreras (4F)
Dir. Thomas Daníel Valls – Artistic Vibes Miami – 2015
Dir. Jose Rivera Jr. – Dixon Place – 2014
Dir. Tristan Carter Jones – Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe – 2013
Public Theater Workshop – 2012
Hours before a a hurricane plunges the city of Miami beneath the seas forever, four frenemies reunite on the beach to perform a sacrificial ritual that will immortalize them forever.

J.C. Penney and Macy’s Post Lackluster Sales Before Holidays (2F)
Fresh Ground Pepper / Sheen Center – 2014
This was presented at a festival I participated in where we had to select a piece of news outta the NYT and make a play out of it. I went for the business section and this is what we got.

The Easterners or LA is Crumbling (1M, 1F)
Dir. Anna Mehle – McCadden Place Theater – 2015
Ex-lovers run into one another at the top of Mount Lee on the night LA’s hit with the big one, their dreams of tinseltown and outdoing one another burning up in flames below them.

Tuition (1M, 1F)
Dir. Amanda Ortiz – New Theatre – 2014
A guy tells his ma he’s in an abusive relationship, and that he hits back hard.

Gentlemen of Kentucky (3M)
Dir. Kevin Hourigan – Dixon Place – 2013
Two drunks beat each other with toilet lids to win the affection of the boy who’s playing them both.
here’s the play

Notes from the Underground Boy (5M)
Dir. David Deblinger – Labyrinth Theatre Co – 2012
Dir. Ricky J Martinez – New Theatre – 2011
I was a sophomore in college reading Dostoevsky for the first time, so I wrote a fever dream about a boy running through and towards his gayness. Poppers. Podiatrists with a foot fetish. Lots of huffing, actually.
here’s the whole thing, it’s old

Tunisia (2M, 1F)
Dir. Francesca Di Cesare – Ensemble Studio Theatre – 2012
Dir. Ricky J. Martinez – New Theatre – 2012
Dir. Israel Horowitz – Cherry Lane Theatre – 2011
Stevie’s a prostitute who lives in a motel room. He’s with his favorite client, trumpet-playing Milo, and they’re about ready to run off with one another for good. The property manager then barges in with a sledgehammer, demanding the money Stevie owes in exchange for his skull. Shrug emoji.

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