You wouldn’t listen to me if I tried,
Never tried and now it’s all I’m trying to do, 
To prove to you that I should’ve done something then, 
Trying to show you I’d do something now, but –
‘Now,’ now,
not the now of the other day,
The day I let you go, and I don’t know where you’ll go, 
But I’m hoping it’s a place some day I’ll be,
could it be some place I’ll be,
Try to let it be a place I’ll be,
this is me trying to beg, I want you hearing that, 
The fear in my tremble, I always say being scared is pussy shit, but – 
The thought 
– Comes
– up. 
Should I surrender myself, 
Cut myself off from myself, and concede, 
To you? 
No longer trying, but doing like an exhale into your arms knowing you’d carry me, 
Allowing you to insert the way you do,
Giving my ears to the words you choose,
Given you my pain;
Trusting you, your hue of blue,
– instead of this stupid shit I’ve done?
This knee-jerk crap with the little red button, 
‘Nuclear option,’ blow it up, 
Trying there, I did, 
Succeeding there, I do;
That efficient self-destruction shit. 
There I did and often as I do.
– I cut it off when I fear what I’d become once it ended.
– I’ve seen what happens when something like us does.
So selfish of me to assume you don’t, 
Selfish of me to have believed you’d understand. 
You wouldn’t listen if I did, 
But would you listen to me if I tried?
So selfish of me to ask as I’ve evaded your patience, 
Your fucking touch of grace, 
– But,
Would you take me back if you did?