noise of the wood

Noise of the wood
A clink with a spoon
Skies in its colors
Mahogany to quartz
And into it too
Like pillars of salt yet
Rested on sand   

A dinosaur.  

Bark cut-ted to glass
Shard-ing jewels, city towers
Their speckled roofs of different heights
Grooves and floor to ceiling heights  

Helicopter pads, too. 


Jurassic tenacity with teeth mazes, maps needed
With Latitudes and Longitudes
The stump 
Now that’s the hemisphere  

For these crystals of a crystal of time
Now polished and chromed over
Drilled into bits for a hose
Then gutted and fitted 
And set in a corner  

A sheltered space
Protected from the meteors that first
Turned this tree to rock
Left forever to be ignored 
Or set next to the garden gnome