to rise.

Dazzle as She soars towards the setting Sun, forever rising higher that she flies,
this, beautiful,
clipped sparrow of Earth, ascending through the cirrus ribbons of Heaven, 
weaving for you the ladder you’ll one day use 
to arise,

and to follow, to
at some point, dear chick, join Mother by her side,

to regale her with the time you saw her climb,
into the mysterium of divinity after all those years chasing wind under the wings,

the feathered wraps that will enrapture you then,
as they already do and much closer than God,
or the breath in your lungs,
you’ll feel them someday, just feel them today
and weep as you may,
and friend, 

Dear friend,

Bury the burden into the branches. 

Let your mourning light dry the fear in your tears,
and you allow your grief to someday turn to song. 

The broken tree you stand on is not your stage to mount,
but the platform you’ll use one day,

to rise, 

to rise,