pocket-square or, hello stranger

I’d said I’d see you later and you’d said No,
‘I’d see you always,’
not knowing then, knowing now by quoting me
You’ve never left my side. 

There you are, where you’ve always been, 
tucked within my folded sheath of beating muscle, 
weakened, made of steel, if only copper, weathered blue,
my convulsion and conviction,
lost intention and welcomed friend; 
My love, there you are 
overnight and found me once again;
where we left us;

Some place like departures at the Burbank airport.  

It’s less that I’m in love with love and more that what I crave is knowing that I’m somewhere, someplace kept; 
just make sure that leash is loose; your belly warm, your eyes on mine until it’s time to look away
the way we always do,

And then I’ll pick you up.
Clean my car.
Find you by the smoking section.