southwest flight abq > bur

You ever feel that (?), like –
God’s coming at you from the insides and
his vigor’s shaking; like it’s…
the mighty nature of knowing you know clouds;
climbing mountains
‘That’s got you going?’

‘Magine, like San Gabriel’s
with that ‘peaking poking peeking piquing’ light and seeing how it’s
Making air
outta light and rock
the Green of spring and they’re
flossing like they’re kissing this, His lover’s…
He’s popping off and somehow making mauve and tangerine from 14,
no 13-B, and like
the stratus is in the sternum, the cumulus ridiculous, man –
just beginning to drown into something like glory,
in the place inside we know it’s needed, the some place coolest, bro (?) –

You ever feel that?
That momentary surrender that comes and forever builds into a blip;
knowing clouds,
knowin’ mountains,
knowin’ t’morrow’s coming?

Like white jasmine on Bronson,
sometime in a couple days.