on thursday’s story

I took video of a disco ball. 
I tilted it a bit, trying something new, added Paris filter, 
went to bed, woke up renewed when Friday came to play. 

That night, 
I posted up a photo of a drink I’d had, 
added animated glitter, something nice and something fun in filtered Oslo, 
shoes in bed, renown and into Saturday, tbh
I’m kind of like a God.

Later that day, 
a steak I always have at Disneyland. 
Something special with a slice of mushroom, Autumn’s kinda gone I guess but at least we’re living life in Lagos, three sugar cubes in this old fashioned and before I post my postured smile with Mickey Mouse if only for a millisecond do I convince myself that this is living,
glittered steaks and mirror ball –
These things are my Eternity.

Looking back at these stories,
taking record of all who’ve seen my shared and walloped under my gains,
I convince myself that’s true, 
that I am living legend
and in my euthanasia see as I replay these victories one last time
that I have known the world and the world
has buckled under me.